My Aged Care (the Aged Care Gateway) will create an identifiable entry point to the aged care system and enable timely and reliable information to be accessed by older people, their families, and carers. My Aged Care will help people to navigate the aged care system and will provide referrals for assessment and service provision.

My Aged Care has several key elements which will be implemented in an incremental way from July 2013:

    • the My Aged Care website and a national contact centre;
    • a central client record;
    • an assessment capability to identify needs based upon a national assessment framework; and
    • a linking service capability, targeting vulnerable people with multiple needs.
My Aged Care will provide information that is easily understood, and is appropriate and sensitive to the language, culture, gender, race, economic circumstances or geographic needs of the individual.

The first stage of implementation of My Aged Care commenced on 1 July 2013 with the roll-out of the My Aged Care website and the national contact centre.

My Aged Care website and national contact centre

From 1 July 2013, older people, their families, and carers were able to access the My Aged Care website ( and the national contact centre (1800 200 422) for information about the aged care system and services.

My Aged Care provides up-to-date information about aged care and healthy and active living. It also assists people to navigate the aged care system and provides referrals for assessment and service provision. Anyone can call the My Aged Care phone line to find out how to access services or to ask for help to use the My Aged Care website.

Over time, My Aged Care will become the main entry point into the aged care system. For the first time, people will know where to go to access trusted information. Information can be accessed via the My Aged Care website ( or the My Aged Care contact centre (1800 200 422). The contact centre operates from 8am-8pm Monday-Friday and from 10am-2pm on Saturdays, your local time.

Central Client Record

From 2014, a central client record will be introduced which will provide a single view of the assessed needs of a client and the aged care services provided to an individual. My Aged Care is being constructed with full recognition of the value of linking the client record with the Personally Controlled Electronic Health Record.

The introduction of a central client record will make it easier to share information, and reduce the need for consumers to tell their story time and time again.

National Assessment Framework

At its commencement on 1 July 2013, the contact centre will not undertake aged care assessments. Accordingly, there is no change to the current Home and Community Care (HACC) and Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT) arrangements.

It is not until 2014 that My Aged Care will have the capability to offer clients the opportunity to complete an aged care needs assessment over the phone. The contact centre will utilise a National Assessment Framework and Tool to ensure consistent assessment of people.

The levels of assessment proposed in the Assessment Framework and Tool for Aged Care project are:
    • Level 1: determines a client’s functional ability and assesses whether the client has more complex issues that need to be addressed. From here the client can be referred to aged care services, proceed to a Level 2 assessment or, where necessary be fast tracked to Level 3.
    • Level 2: builds on the Level 1 assessment, it explores more complex issues such as existing health conditions, financial and legal status and carer status. From here the client can be referred to aged care services or continue to a Level 3 comprehensive assessment.
    • Level 3: a comprehensive face-to-face assessment undertaken by a qualified health professional to determine a client’s eligibility for Australian Government-subsided home care packages, transition care, residential permanent or respite care.
The contact centre will have the capability to directly undertake Level 1 and Level 2 assessments over the phone and to arrange a face to face assessment in circumstances where a phone based assessment is not appropriate. All comprehensive assessments (Level 3) will continue to be undertaken face to face.

Further information on how the Assessment Framework and Tool for Aged Care will be implemented will be available later this year.

Linking Service

In 2014 a linking service will be introduced to facilitate linking to services for vulnerable older people with multiple complex needs that span a range of sectors, including (but not limited to) health, mental health, housing, disability, financial assistance and aged care services.


From 29 April to 24 May 2013, a total of 349 stakeholders attended a national round of consultations on the Linking Service for My Aged Care across each state and territory in eighteen metropolitan and regional locations. In the consultations, KPMG presented a number of options to stakeholders to gather their views on the Linking Service.

KPMG presented the Department with the final project report at the end of June 2013 (Development of Evidence Based Options for the Linking Service).

Further Information

You can view Frequently Asked Questions about My Aged Care for consumers, services providers and health professionals.

You can view the My Aged Care brochure for consumers.

The My Aged Care Information Sheet provides a general overview of My Aged Care.

Specific Information Sheets for Commonwealth Respite and Carelink Centres, Aged Care Assessment Teams and Health Professionals can be found by clicking on the links below.

Information Sheets for:
Health Professionals

The Aged Care Gateway Concept of Operations is a technical document that describes the ‘end-state’ or ‘vision’ for the Gateway. It provides a conceptual view of operations once all business and Information Technology capability has been successfully implemented. The document therefore refers to operations in the year 2017 and beyond.

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